The likeness of ‘Jesus in God’s sight is the same as Adam. He created him from earth and then He said to him,‘Be!’ and he was. It is the truth from your Lord so do not be among the doubters. (Qur’an, 3:59-60)

e hope that this book will resolve the doubts of all people who are confused about Jesus (pbuh), will help believers acquire a better understanding of his role, and enable Muslims to feel the joy and excitement of his return.

Finally, another important subject we wish to consider is how believers will recognize Jesus (pbuh) when he returns. This is essential, because false Messiahs will also appear. Some people hesitate to raise the matter of Jesus' (pbuh) return out of a mistaken belief that this will prepare the way for false Messiahs. In reality, the appearance of such imposters is a major sign of the second coming. (See Harun Yahya, The Signs of Jesus' [pbuh] Second Coming). More importantly, everything he does after his return will be wise and inimitable, and such acts will distinguish him from all other people. One of the clearest proofs that the other "Messiahs" are false is the way they seek to prove themselves.

Another major feature that distinguishes Jesus (pbuh) from false Messiahs is that he will have no relatives, and that no person will be familiar with his physical features, countenance, or tone of voice. No one will be able to claim: "I knew him before, I saw him at such and such a time, his family and relatives are so and so," since everyone who knew him died many centuries ago. Mary, Zechariah, the Disciples who spent years with him, the leading Jews of his time, and those who received the message from him in person are all dead and gone. Therefore, Jesus (pbuh) will be completely unknown to the general public.

This will eliminate the danger of false Messiahs. On Jesus' (pbuh) return, no situation will arise to cause people to doubt who he really is. Nobody will have any reason to say: "This person cannot be Jesus (pbuh)," for he will return to Earth in the same state, wearing the same clothes as when he was raised to God's presence, and will possess superior features that nobody will be able to imitate. (God knows best.)

All of this is an important reminder that sincere believers should consider this issue and make the necessary material and spiritual preparations by listening to their consciences. Those who heed this reminder may hope to achieve the honor of being this great individual's helpmates and supporters when he returns, as revealed by our beloved Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace). This should be the prayer of all faithful Muslims.


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