The Loss of an Army


There are five portents of the Mahdi: a cry from Sufyani, Yemani, and Sama, the sinking of an army in Bayda, and the killing of the innocent. (Narrated by Nu`aym ibn Hammad)



... An army will be sent to him. This army will be leveled while it is somewhere in the desert. (Sahih Muslim)



An army comes to fight. Once they enter the desert, the one in the front and the back disappear, and the ones in the middle cannot save themselves. (Tirmidhi, Sunan Ibn Majah, Sunan Abu Dawud)


The almost sudden disappearance of a large part of the Iraqi army was one of the most striking features of the 2003 American-led war against Iraq. Many newspapers and television channels reported that a 60,000-man army from the Republican Guard, along with some 15,000 Iraqi militiamen from the Fedayeen, got lost. This account indicates that "the loss of an army," a portent of the Mahdi's coming, and hence of Prophet Jesus' (pbuh) second coming, may already have taken place. (God knows best.)

In fact, the discovery of some war planes buried under the desert sands reinforces the possibility that the "leveling of an army" refers to the Iraqi army.

(1) SADDAM AND HIS MEN DISAPPEARED ( Vatan, April 11, 2003)
(2) SADDAM’S JUNTA IS LOST ( Yeni Safak, April 11, 2003)
(3) Many of Saddam’s Planes Found Buried in the Sand (Turkiye, August 13, 2003)


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