No Money Will Be Left to the Iraqis


The Iraqis will be left with no weighing equipment, and no money will be left to them with which to buy and sell.
(Muntakhab Kanz al-`Ummaal, vol. 5, p. 45)


Another portent of the End Times, and thus of the second coming of Prophet Jesus (pbuh), is that the Iraqi currency will have no value.

This hadith may indicate two situations. One of them is Iraq's economic collapse after the Iran-Iraq and the Gulf wars. The Iraqi economy, faced with such crises, could not recover in the post-war period due to the embargos imposed by America and the UN. The Iraqi people grew even poorer, and poverty became a major problem.

Or, it might refer to abolishing the Iraqi currency (dinar) in the post-war era. With the last war, the rapid loss of the Iraqi currency's value and the possibility of its being withdrawn from circulation appeared in the newspapers during 2003.



(1) Iraq at an Impasse over “Dinar” (Hurriyet, April 16, 2003)
(2) Iraqi Dinar Will be Withdrawn from Circulation (Vatan, April 10, 2003)
(3) Iraq is Stuck in Debts (Tercuman, April 15, 2003)
(4) Iraq’s Swamp of Debts (Haberturk, April 15, 2003


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