The Division of Iraq into Three Parts


According to our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace), the people of Iraq will be divided into three groups. One part will join the looters. One group will flee, leaving their families behind. And one group will fight and kill. Prepare yourselves for Doomsday when you see this. (Fera Idu Fevaidi'l Fiqr Fi'l Imam al-Mahdi al-Muntadhar)


Another sign of the End Times is the division of the Iraqi people into three. As the hadith relates, some Iraqis will join the "looters." Indeed, at the end of the war, some Iraqis took advantage of the loss of authority and engaged in looting. In fact, some of these people stole and looted, acts that can be defined as "pillaging." The hadith informs us that some people would try so hard to escape that they would not even think about the families they would leave behind.

The hadith also tells that some people would fight and be killed. During this latest Gulf war, some Iraqis fought and died.

"The division of Iraq into three," as is related in the hadith's first part, also came true after the first Gulf War in 1991, when the country was divided into the following regions: between the 32th and 36th parallels, south of the 32th parallel, and north of the 36th parallel.

(left above) PEOPLE FLEE IN MASSES (Tercuman, March 19, 2003)
(right above) SADDAM’S PALACE GUARDS ABANDONED THE PALACE: The Republican Guards Fled the Palace: Some of them jumped into the River Tigris (Vatan, April 8, 2003)
(right, in the middle) THEY LOOT WHATEVER THEY FIND (Milliyet, April 10, 2003)
(right, below) FLEE FROM HUNGER AND DEATH (Yeni Safak, March 30, 2003)

(top) Iraq is divided into 3, (Milliyet, May 4, 2003)
(middle) DEATH FIELDS, Yeni Safak, (November 4, 2003)
(below) Iraq will be divided into 3, Yeni Safak, (April4, 2003)


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