The Killing of Innocent Children


When an innocent child of the community of Muhammad is killed, an angel from the sky will cry: "God is with him [the Mahdi] and with those who are with him."
(Muhammad bin Ali Sabban, Ishaf ar-Raghibin, p. 154)


One sign of the End Times is the murder of innocent children. We have seen this on a massive scale in recent years. Young African children are being forced to participate in the civil wars wracking that continent, and their merciless murders can be considered as one of these examples. Another region where children are being targeted is Palestine. Between 2002-03, more than 500 children were shot and killed by Israeli soldiers. During the latest Gulf War, Iraqi maternity hospitals were bombed and damaged, causing the deaths of many children.

(Left) Maternity Hospital Bombed... BABY KILLERS (Hurriyet, April 3, 2003)
(Right) A breath of Poison...
( Radikal, September 27, 2002)


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