The Absence of Peace


All hearts being in mischief, some people hold talks with others and make peace and agreement demonstrations. But until a period appears in which people's hearts oppose peace and agreement, Doomsday will not come. (Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 382, no. 701)


The news given in this hadith still holds true for today, especially the failure to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict over Palestine. (God knows best.) Besides, people working for peace all over the world are doing their best to ensure long-lasting peace and to end war, conflict, and murder. Yet, all of these efforts so far have not succeeded.

(above) World Demanded Peace (Cumhuriyet, January2, 2002)
(below) World Yearns for Peace (Yeni Safak, September 1, 2002)

(Left) Israel violated the Armistice (Yeni Safak, August 13, 2003)
(Right) Isreli bomb to Peace ( Yeni Mesaj, September 11, 2001)
Israel does not care about the Road Map (Yeni Safak, August 2, 2003)


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