People Killed for No Reason


Abu Hurayra relates: "Our Prophet said that: 'People will see such days that the killer will not know why he kills, nor the innocent why they are slain.' He was asked: 'How will this be?' He replied: 'It is haraj [killing]. Both killer and killed are in the flames.'" (Sahih Muslim)


The increase in murders is one of the signs of the End Times. In newspapers, the stories of those who commit murder because of a minor dispute often appear. Similarly, an unwanted reaction of the other party, the displeasure incurred by the music one plays, or even a small amount of money may well be the reason for such murders.

(1) Became a Serial Killer out of Curiosity (Milliyet, July 8, 2003)
(2) Killed His Grandson with salty Baby Food ( Milliyet, July 14, 2003)
(3) Young boy killed his parents and sister with Samurai sword (Hurriyet, April 6, 2000)
(4) He killed man as he got bored
(5) Killed Him for 50 Million TL ($ 35) (Vatan, July 17, 2003)
(6) Murder like a Thriller Movie (Hurriyet, January 28, 2003)
(7) Death Toll Rising
(8) In Spring 1997, a large-scale ethnic war broke out between two major tribes, the Hutus and the Tutsis, which engulfed Zaire, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, and Tanzania. Nearly one million people lost their lives in this war. Even children and babies were savagely murdered just because they were from the rival tribes.


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