During the three years just before the Dajjal comes, there will be one year when the sky will withhold one third of its rain and the Earth one-third of its fruits. In the second year the sky will withhold two-thirds of its rain, and the Earth two-thirds of its fruits. In the third year all of its fruits, and all the animals will die. (Ibn Ahmad Hanbal)


As the hadith reveals, a global drought will occur before the Dajjal's appearance. Indeed, the threat of drought, a consequence of global warming today, influences many parts of our world. A UN report issued in 2001 states the seriousness of the situation:

"The Century of Hunger Knocks at the Door"

In the 21st century, climate changes resulting from global warming will bring hunger.

The detrimental dimensions of global warming, which may be the greatest yet unrecognized threat to humanity, will escalate in the 21st century. According to the recent UN report, scientists predict global warming will make the 21st century also an "age of hunger" and warn that these changes will make the diminishment of crops in Asia unavoidable …

Again according to the report, global warming will result in diminished amounts of rain and crops, [and the growth of] desertification and flash floods. The scientists also warned that small islands and countries will suffer seriously from the consequences of global warming.19

(left top ) India Dries Like a Leaf (Radikal, July 25, 2002)
(left middle) Fear for Drought (Sabah, December 8, 2000)
(left bottom) Dams Are Dry! (Sabah, December 22, 1999)
(right top)
We Go through Droughtiness (Radikal, May 3, 2001)
(right bottom) The World Is Scorched (Vakit, August 7, 2003)

Some of the newspaper headlines about drought in recent years are as follows:

Every year, 100 million hectares of fertile areas become extinct.

More than 1 billion people in 110 countries are vulnerable to desertification. Before it is too late, an efficient program has to be launched to cope with the problem.

(02.09.2003 www.ntvmsnbc.com)

The Theme of the World Environment Day of this Year Is "Water"

The UN has called attention to the problem of water on the Day of Environment, stressing the importance of the issue with the headline: "Water: Two billion people are dying for it."

(05.06.2003 www.ntvmsnbc.com)

The American West Is Vulnerable to Drought

Due to global warming, some sectors of the population in the American West are becoming increasingly vulnerable to drought.

(22.11.2002 www.ntvmsnbc.com)

Safe Water Problem May Last until 2025

Authorities warned that humanity may suffer from a safe water problem until the year 2025. (17.10.2002 www.ntvmsnbc.com)

Drought Alarm around the World

Until the year 2025, a lack of safe water will threaten one-third of the world's population. (15.08.2001 www.ntvmsnbc.com)


19. "Aclik Yüzyili Kapimizda (The Century of Hunger Knocks at the Door,)" Nethaber, February 19, 2001. Online at www.gezegenimiz.com/NewsTopic.asp?KategoriAdi=Açlık&idKategori=2.

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