Conversion of Homes into Graves


He asked: "What becomes of you when death meets people and homes become graves?" (Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 392, no. 726)


Natural hazards always leave behind collapsed houses and many dead people and animals. Another aspect of the sign related in the hadith may be the destroyed houses in Palestine. As is well-known, Israel frequently destroys houses and many people lose their lives during these operations. As the hadith says, the houses of these people become their graves.
(1)There Will Remain No Houses in Palestine (Aksam, December 29, 2002)
(2) In Palestine, 1240 houses are destroyed in a Week (Milli Gazete, October 18, 2003)
(3)They Exploded the Houses (Tercuman, October 27, 2003
(4) Every where Became Flat (Radikal, January 28, 2001))


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