An Increased Amount of Lightning


Thunderbolts will increase so much as the Hour approaches that when a man comes to a people, he will ask, "Who amongst you was struck by a thunderbolt this morning?" and they will say, "So and so and so and so was struck." (Ibn Ahmad Hanbal)



Earthquakes will destroy your homes, lightning will burn your herds, turning them into coals. (Nu`aym ibn Hammad)


The hadiths relate that the increased amount of lightning is a sign of Doomsday. As weather statistics indicate, the loss of possessions and the increased number of deaths due to lightning have become far more frequent in recent years. For example, in 1998 11 soccer players were killed in Congo when lightning struck their field. Similarly in 2001, lightning hit a football field in Mexico and killed 6 people. Aside from these incidents, lightning kills many people and animals each year.

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