Not Pondering over the Qur'an in a Sincere Manner

The Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) said that although the Qur'an will be read, its knowledge and wisdom will be ignored. This is another sign of the End Times.


It would happen near the time when the knowledge is taken away. I asked: "God's Messenger, how would the knowledge become extinct while we recite the Qur'an and we would teach it to our sons and then our descendants would teach it to their sons till the Day of Resurrection?" He replied: " Do these Jews and the Christians not recite the Torah and the Bible without acting upon [the dictates] that are mentioned in them?" (Sunan Ibn Majah)



There Ummah will experience a time when people will recite the Qur'an, but it will not go further than their throats [into their hearts]. (Sahih Bukhari)



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