The Spread of False Testimony and Slander

The spread of false testimony and slander are further important portents of Doomsday. Such activities occur because people distance themselves from religion's morality, which entails being honest under all conditions and being just even at the expense of one's self-interest. People who are distant from religion's morality and unaware that they will give an account of their deeds on the Day of Judgment can readily tell lies or give false testimony if doing so will benefit them. The growing number of such people is a sign of Prophet Jesus' (pbuh) second coming:


Verily, in the presence of the Last Hour there will be false testimony and concealing evidence. (Ibn Ahmad Hanbal and al-Hakim)



There will be false accusations of unchastity and slander. (Tirmidhi)



Claude Lorrain, The Rape of Europe, 1667


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