The Decay of Family Relations

Another characteristic will be the disintegration of relationships among families, between friends and neighbors, and the loss of community and spiritual values:


Before the Hour comes; … family ties will be cut… (Ibn Ahmad Hanbal, Musnad)There would [first] be turmoil for a person in regard to his family, his property, his own self, his children, his neighbors.
(Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim)



The portents of Doomsday [consist of] saying ugly things to one another, mockery, hostility, the severing of relations with relatives, regarding a trustworthy person as a traitor, and trusting a traitor.
(Muhammad ibn `Abd ar-Rasul Barzanji,
Al-Isha`ah li Ashrat as-Sa`ah, pp. 136-37)



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