An Increase in Urbanization


"O Anas! People will build cities. Some of those cities will be called 'Basra and Kusaire'." (Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi)


Especially with the Industrial Revolution, the influences of which began to be felt after the 1850s, rural people started settling in cities. Since then, the world's urban population has increased steadily. Research reveals that by 2020, Turkey will be 80 percent urbanized.38

This previously unseen development is an obvious sign of the End Times.


38. Erol Yarar, 21. Yuzyıla Girerken Dunyaya Yeni Bir Bakis (A New View to the World at the Beginning of 21st Century) (Istanbul: Musiad Publishings, 1996), 24. Online at


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